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Ningbo Yosun Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established in March 2006, July 1, 2013 for the restructuring of Ningbo Yosun auto parts Co., Ltd., registered in Ningbo Ninghai Industrial Zone, the registered capital of 1500 million. The company's development orientation is to become the most outstanding features of automotive interior parts design, development and manufacturing suppliers, is now under a wholly-owned subsidiary, a research and development center, a mold factory and five functional departments.
The company specializes in automotive interior functional parts of the design, development and manufacturing, the main products are automobile air-conditioning outlet, ashtray, cup holder, storage box, center console and other assembly parts, interior parts belong to the most difficult system, the highest technical content a class of products through the company effective operation seven years ago, and now has been successful for Shanghai GM, Shanghai Volkswagen, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile, Brilliance Auto, Beijing Automotive Group, Chang'an Automobile, Guangzhou Automobile Fiat, Great Wall Motor, Xiamen Golden Dragon and other automobile plant direct or indirect support, as well as Johnson interiors, Yanfeng Visteon and other parts of the Group as well as many outstanding domestic and foreign affiliated companies conduct business; now has become the industry's influential force.
The company that is fully operational TS16949 quality management system from the outset, respectively, in December 2006, February 2007 formally adopted the ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO / TS16949 system certification, all this not only reflects the company management and quality management We have achieved initial results, the future development of more companies to create a good foundation.
The company in 2009 - - During 2011 the entire production, development and testing of a round of key inputs, into the outlet line of advanced production line, back to the material handling system, centralized feed systems and other production equipment and four integrated test platform , the outlet, the control mechanism of fatigue test rig, the outlet leakage, whistle test, coordinate, and other professional testing equipment, the first phase of planning is completed in July 2010, final acceptance has been highly valued by customers; also obtained focus on all levels of government support and recognition, business has in October 2010 to get Ninghai County Engineering Technology Center, in December 2010 has made science and technology enterprises in Ningbo City, in October 2011 to get the honorary title of national high-tech enterprises; company experiments Center in December 2011 by Yanfeng Visteon experiment approval; September 2012 3 obtains a city engineering (technology) center in July 2013 to obtain Ningbo high-growth enterprises title, the same year the enterprise completed the shareholding reform, July 29 in Zhejiang successfully listed equity trading center.
Enterprises to "the most suitable is the best" business philosophy to "service to create value" for the management model and advocate always maintain the entrepreneurial passion, the courage to dream full of impact, determined to serve the automotive industry, to build China's well-known brand, and create a better of life and make unremitting efforts!

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